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Immediate Past President

by James Smith

CJ Weinman is the Immediate Past President for the Board of Alzheimer's Project, Inc.

Name:   C.J. Weinman

Occupation:  Attorney

Years served on the Board:  Since 2005

 Brief bio: 

                        C.J. works full time as an attorney for the State of Florida, currently working in the First District Court of Appeal. She has served as an attorney in all three branches of government at various times:  the Florida State Court System, two Florida State executive agencies, and the Florida Senate legislative staff.  CJ taught legal research and writing as a full time professor at the Florida State University College of Law for a year, and taught legal research and writing and many other legal studies classes as an adjunct professor at Tallahassee Community College and Barry University for 20 years.

                        C.J. became part of Alzheimer’s Project in 2003 as a caregiver.  C.J.’s Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and she cared for him in her home during his last three years of life.  C.J. participated in Alzheimer’s Project services and support groups as a caregiver, and she says, “I know firsthand how important Alzheimer’s Project services are to caregivers in helping to relieve the anxiety, fear, uncertainty, loneliness, helplessness, and total exhaustion of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease.”

                        C.J. is currently writing a book which chronicles her and her dad’s experience with what she calls their “Alzheimer’s Odyssey.”   

            Quote or comments about Alzheimer’s Project:

                        A caregiver’s own personhood is at stake without the kind of help that the Alzheimer’s project provides.  When caring for a person with Alzheimer’s disease, all caregivers have to invest an incredible amount of themselves--their time, energy, social life, personal life--because Alzheimer’s demands it.                  

                        In regard to participation in Alzheimer’s Project caregiver support groups, being with folks who understand the rigors of caring for a person with Alzheimer’s helps to dissipate the sadness and make the round-the-clock hard work a bit easier to deal with.

                         C.J. says, “I will continue to support Alzheimer’s Project because I know what a huge positive impact such help and support can have in the life of a caregiver who is otherwise locked in the relentless Alzheimer’s journey.”