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Fabiola G. Jean-Charles, AmeriCorps Program Manager

Fabiola G. Jean-Charles, MSW, has been on staff with Alzheimer's Project since August 2014.


Fabiola joined us in her new role as AmeriCorps Program Manager in August of 2014, but she is no stranger to our agency. She first came to us as an intern in the Spring of 2012 and has shown dedication, support and most of all passion for the work that we do and the population we serve. Fab, as we all call her, holds a Master’s degree in Social Work, and is an avid client advocate. As the AmeriCorps Program Manager, she is tasked with the recruitment, training, and placement of all AmeriCorps Member Volunteers, the maintenance of all member files, the completion and submission of weekly reports, and much more.

Fab hails from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, but has resided in Tallahassee with her husband, Carmelo Jean Charles, for the past 3 ½ years. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, writing, crafting, and listening to music. Fun Fact about Fab: she’s never had a burger, shrimp, okra, asparagus, or lamb, yet she has no interest in trying any of them.

For more information about the AmeriCorps program or to find out about this fantastic stipend volunteer opportunity, please contact Fab at 850-386-2778 or send her email at Fabiola@alzheimersproject.org