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Oscar Leads the Way

by James Smith
Oscar Leads the Way

The Meaning Behind the Alzheimer’s Project Inukshuk

You might have noticed some changes around Alzheimer’s Project recently. Our website received an upgrade, our color scheme changed and even good old “Oscar,” our mascot/logo, got a facelift!

The wonderful thing about this process was that we got a chance to sit down and talk about what is central to Alzheimer’s Project. In the past 20+ years, we’ve seen a lot of things change: staff, expansion of services, locations.  But some things have remained the same. 

Oscar will always be with us.

For those of you who don’t know, Oscar is an “inukshuk,” a kind of stone monument created by native people in Arctic regions to aid navigation and serve as a point of reference. When the landscape seems completely bare and the horizon has been wiped clean by the bleak environment, inukshuks like Oscar provide landmarks to keep travelers moving forward.

What a beautiful, compelling metaphor.  Very often an Alzheimer’s diagnosis can bring on a feeling of loss and bewilderment. A person finds him- or her-self in the new role of caregiver without a clue about which direction to turn.

We hope that Oscar stands as a beacon of hope to those families. We hope that if you’re surveying the road in front of you, you see Alzheimer’s Project as the “rock” of support for which you’ve been searching.

Oscar is so important to us, we thought he deserved his own starring role. Click here to check out our brand-new Public Service Announcement.  If you know someone who could use a “rock” of support, please share the video with them.

Alzheimer’s Project: Let us be your rock.