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Training/Education Opportunities

Alzheimer's Project, Inc.. Speaker's Bureau- 

Do you need a speaker for your local civic organization? We can provide sessions from 30 minutes- 90 minutes about Alzheimer's disease, stages of the disease and services provided by Alzheimer's Project, Inc. Contact Susan Bisbee to schedule a presentation thebisbees@aol.com

Powerful Tools for Caregivers- James Smith and Recie Culpepper are Master Trainers for this course

This six week course is provided to caregivers of persons with chronic illnesses. During the sessions caregivers will learn the importance of providing self-care first and foremost, and then providing additonal care to their loved one. Course topics include:

Taking Care of You; Identifying and Reducing Personal Stress; Communicating Feelings, Needs and Concerns; Communicating in Challenging Situations; Learning from Our Emotions, and; Mastering Caregiving Decisions

State Mandated Training Programs for Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities and Home Health Care Agencies

James Smith is an Approved Training Provider for the Department of Elder Affairs (DOEA) Alzheimer's and Related Disorder Training Provider and Curriculum Approval Program. License #ALF562. Call to set up a training. These trainings are also available for purchase for other approved training providers. Call (850) 386-2778 for more information.

Approved Courses and Approval Codes for:

Training Curriculum for the Special Care of Nursing Home Residents with ADRD (1 Hour Course- NH AD 7589, 3 Hour Course- NH AD 7590)

Training Curriculum for the Special Care of Assisted Living Facility Residents with ADRD (Level 1- ALF AD 302, Level 2- ALF AD 303)

Training Guidelines for the Special Care of Persons with ADRD for Home Health Care (2 Hour Course- HH AD 7588)