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Information and Referrals

Alzheimer's Project provides information and referrals to community sponsors. Initial and ongoing case management is provided to clients in order to assist in finding the services most needed for each situation.

More Information and Resources:

HBO's Documentary "The Alzheimer's Project

Here is a link to the HBO documentary "The Alzheimer's Project." You can purchase the complete set of videos which can help you understand some of the many problems that patients, grandchildren and caregivers face on a day to day basis when this disease strikes. You'll also learn some of the new research that is being conducted on Alzheimer's Disease. 

Joe's Blog
Joe is a gentleman who was recently shown on the HBO documentary entitled "The Alzheimer's Project: The Memory Loss Tapes." Joe is a man with Alzheimer's and this blog displays how Alzheimer's affects him, his family and everyone else around him. A truly eye opening experience. Click on the link to walk into the world that is Alzheimer's Disease. 

Dementia Guide
DementiaGuide Inc. is dedicated to improving the lives of people living with dementia. From its beginnings in February 2000, the team has worked diligently to translate over 10 years of research and development for caregivers of persons with dementia to use as their companion to understand and manage symptoms of dementia, and in particular, Alzheimer's disease. Click on the link to learn more.