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Project Lifesaver

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This program was started by Pilot Club of Tallahassee and Leon County Sheriff's Office in 2005. This service is provided completely free of charge.

Clients who have shown a propensity to wander away from the safety of home, work or school and meet certain eligibility requirements will be able to utilize this program. A brief initial assessment is required.

Using an FM frequency transmitting device, should a client wander away, the family will be able to contact the Leon County Sheriff's office who will begin the search. This program is run on a county by county basis and is available in many counties throughout Florida and the United States. Families that travel can have the peace of mind that their travel location could also be a safe place should their client wander away during that time. The national success rate of finding a person is 98% within 1-2 hours. 

Please contact Jasmine Sheppard, at our office for more information or to set up a time for an assessment. (850) 386-2778

Project Lifesaver Video

In this short clip, a current caregiver talks about how Project Lifesaver helps her family. Quicktime Player required to view video.