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February 25, 2020

Get to Know New Board Member Sean Desmond

About Sean Desmond

Sean Desmond is married with two children and is the newest Alzheimer’s Project Board Member. He attends Bradfordville First Baptist Church where he teaches a Sunday School class, plays guitar in the Worship band, and serves as a Deacon.

Tell us about your law practice and why you are now specializing in elder care law.

I graduated from the Florida State University, College of Law in 2000. Then, I quickly joined the 2nd Circuit State Attorney’s Office, where I tried cases ranging from misdemeanors to capital felonies. Over the next 15 years, I developed a litigation practice primarily in the areas of criminal and family law.  In 2015, my father began to show the early signs of dementia. That started my journey into elder law and estate planning.

While I was unable to stop the progress of the disease, I was able to provide assistance to my family. I helped by answering legal questions that my family had regarding long term care and other challenging issues. My father passed away in December 2018. The experience of walking with him through dementia inspired me. As a result, I re-focused my practice exclusively in the areas of Elder Law and Estate Planning.

What did you learn about the role of a caregiver when caring for your father?

The lasting impression that I took away from my experience is the extreme taxation that the disease exacts against caregivers. When he needed around the clock attention, it was difficult to watch how hard it was on my mother and older sister. This certainly taught me to pay close attention to the caregiver who, in many ways, takes the full impact of the disease. 

Why did you want to become a member of the Alzheimer’s Project Board of Directors?

When I learned about the mission of the Alzheimer’s Project, and their focus of caring for the caregiver, it was a no-brainer. I had to get involved as a Board Member. I hope to do whatever I can to make things easier for this important organization. 

Interested in learning more about becoming a Board Member? Contact us today!
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