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Journey of Support

Journey of Support

Our 2023 Journey of Support will take place on November 28, 2023 5:30PM-7:30PM at Goodwood Museum and Gardens. We will be Honoring Lee Hinkle in memory of Cliff Hinkle.

To Register for our 2023 Journey of Support Fundraiser,  Click Here!

You have a unique opportunity to make our world a better and kinder place by joining us at the annual Journey of Support for Tallahassee’s Alzheimer’s Project.

This cocktail fundraiser and donor outreach event will present a half-hour educational and inspiring presentation on our goals and how you can help achieve them. The Journey of Support is a chance to meet others in our community who make a difference in the quality of life of those living with Alzheimer’s Disease and their family caregivers.

Stories of the Journey of Support

These are people who have been impacted by the support of donations made to the Alzheimer’s Project. We hope their story will inspire you to make a donation so that we can continue our important work for those impacted by Alzheimers in our community.
(Click on the photo to visit their story page and to watch their personal video testimonial.)

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