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Alzheimer’s disease can be a long journey, putting caregivers at risk for social isolation, physical illness, and financial problems. The Alzheimer’s Project provides much needed breaks for caregivers through the Day Respite program, which we like to call Social Club. Read more on our Respite Services >


Powerful Tools for Caregivers is an educational program designed to help care-partners take care of themselves so that they may take better care of their friend or relative. Read More >


Support groups are an opportunity to share challenges and solutions as caregivers share with each other important knowledge, strategies and techniques on caring for a loved one. See the schedule here >


Counseling provides individuals or families with the opportunity to share private and personal information to trained professionals where they may not feel comfortable sharing with family or in a group setting. Read more >


Our organization exists to provide comfort, support, and assistance to persons with memory disorders and their caregivers. See how you can get involved today >

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