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Become an AmeriCorps Member

About Our Program

The Alzheimer’s Project’s Legacy Corps for Veterans and Military Families Program provides a unique opportunity for members to support veterans and military families impacted by cognitive impairments. This program addresses the need for alternative respite care strategies for veteran and military caregivers, aiming to assess caregiver outcomes and enable clients to stay in their communities longer, thus delaying or preventing institutional care.

Member Expectations

After completing 20 hours of comprehensive dementia-specific training, AmeriCorps members offer weekly in-home respite care and assistance to individuals with cognitive impairments. Members provide non-medical care, companionship, and engage clients with interactive activities.

Member Eligibility

All applicants and members must be 18+ and a US citizen, national or legal resident, commit to a 1-year, 450-hour service contract, pass state and national background and sex offender screenings, and possess reliable transportation, proof of insurance, and a personal cell phone.

Member Benefits

As an AmeriCorps member, volunteers receive a monthly living allowance of $175, student loan forbearance with paid interest for their duration of service, extensive dementia and professional development training, and eligibility to receive an $1,824.07 Educational Award upon successful completion of contracted hours, which can be passed to a family member for 55+ volunteers.

Caregiver Support Duties

Click the icon to learn more about your role supporting caregivers.

Volunteer Generation Duties

Click the icon to learn more about ways to earn service hours through volunteer generation.

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