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June 16, 2020

Alzheimer's Project Gets Brand Makeover

We are Alzheimer’s Project; a local nonprofit dedicated to helping people with memory disorders and their caregivers.

For over a decade, we have used a logo with a rock-like figure along with the slogan, “Let Us Be Your Rock,” to represent our organization. Recently, the Board of Directors decided the nonprofit needed an updated logo and a slogan that better aligned with its core mission. “The old logo and slogan served us well for a long time,” said Blake Hayward, Board Chair. “But the Alzheimer’s Project has grown, our services have diversified, and we are more inclusive as an organization. It was definitely time for a change.”

The previous Alzheimer’s Project logo.

Fortunately, one of the Board members is Gil Ziffer, past City Commissioner, and owner of Ziffer Stansberry Strategic Communications. Ziffer took the lead in creating a new logo. “We wanted to have a visual that would embody what we do,” Ziffer said. “The purple center of the new logo represents the person with the memory disorder and their caregiver. The circles overlapping the center represent the many services we provide, such as respite care, support groups, training, and counseling. Each circle intersects in support of the other. We knew the orange and purple in the existing logo were recognized by the public, so we kept those same colors to maintain the brand equity we’d already achieved.”

The new Alzheimer’s Project logo created by Gil Ziffer.

“For Our Caregivers” is the Alzheimer’s Project’s new slogan. “Without healthy caregivers, people with memory disorders would be in even greater peril,” Ziffer said. “The central theme behind everything we do is ‘“For Our Caregivers.” We wanted to convey that mission in our slogan and with a new URL,, which takes people directly to our website.”

The third element of the nonprofit’s brand makeover is a new Social Media hashtag, #LocalHelpNow. “Along with our email newsletter, Social Media is our primary form of communication,” said John Trombetta, Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s Project. “The hashtag, #LocalHelpNow, accurately describes who we are, and it helps people find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.”

Trombetta emphasized that the hashtag helps differentiate the Alzheimer’s Project from the Alzheimer’s Association. “Both nonprofits do great work, but people get us confused. The Alzheimer’s Association is a national organization focused primarily on research. The Alzheimer’s Project is local, based here in Tallahassee, and dedicated to serving families across the Big Bend. They can call us to get immediate support and guidance and learn how to benefit from our community-based services.” Trombetta added that the Alzheimer’s Project is embarking on a campaign to promote the new brand. “We’re working diligently to come up with new ways to reach those who need our services. One of the easiest things community members can do to give back to our mission is to help spread the word about Alzheimer’s Project. We’re here to help. When you need us, give us a call!”

For more information about our services, call 850-386-2778 or click here to learn more. You can also stay updated by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or by signing up for the weekly newsletter.

The Alzheimer’s Project is a local, nonprofit 501(c)(3), serving Tallahassee and the Big Bend region. For more than 29 years, the agency has provided comfort, support, and assistance to people with all types of dementia and their caregivers. Although we do not charge for our services, donations are always welcomed and appreciated.

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