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June 7, 2018

June Bulletin


“You can do anything, but not everything.”
-David Allen

Father’s Day

No matter what has happened to our parents as they age, they remain our parents. Cognitive and physical decline do not take away their legacy as adults. Part of love is keeping in mind that this person is our parent, the person who raised us. Respect and preservation of dignity are their due.
Dad is Still Dad
Remember that was not only our parent but still is no matter what diseases fall upon them or what duties we perform for them.
Ways to connect with dad:

  • Find pictures from your childhood with your dad. Remember those childhood days and keep those memories keen and clear as you care for him.
  • Try to find tidbits from their work life to remind yourself that this person touched other people. Look for scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, photos, or old letters to remind you that this person leaves behind a legacy.
  • Put yourself in their shoes. Don’t let the duty physically and emotionally taxing as it may be, reset your mind into thinking you are now the parent, caring for a small child. Do everything you can to impart dignity and respect.
  • Focus on what the person can do and enjoy, not what they can’t. Try to make the most of the moment and alter expectations.

My Dad

By Marg Everett
His mind has been robbed by Alzheimer’s disease,
Somewhere in there, is my dad.
He lives in a constant state of confusion,
Somewhere in there, is my dad.
He tries to tell me something but can’t remember the words,
Somewhere in there, is my dad.
He sit quietly and looks puzzled and sad,
Somewhere in there, is my dad.
He gets mixed up and wanders away,
Somewhere in there is my dad.
He asks for his mother, who died long ago,
Somewhere in there, is my dad.
His brain is a twisted, tangled web,
Somewhere in there is dad.
He doesn’t remember that he ate his lunch,
Somewhere in there is dad.
He tells me he loves me and gives me a kiss,
Ahh there he is, there’s my dad.

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