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April 6, 2020

Meet Board Member, Lashawn Gordon

by Phil Nowicki

Meet Board Member Lashawn Gordon! I’ve had the pleasure of serving on the Alzheimer’s Project Board of Directors with Lashawn for the past three years. Her desire to serve emanated from her experience watching her husband’s grandmother suffer with Alzheimer’s disease. As our friendship has grown, it is no surprise to me that helping caregivers and persons with dementia would be one more role, among so many, that she would take on.

About Lashawn & Her Drive to Help Others

In March of this year, as part of Women’s History Month, Lashawn was one of ten women to receive the Outstanding Community Woman Award from Tallahassee Community College. She was also selected as a nominee for the Golden A.C.E. Award and one of “25 Women You Need to Know.” The Tallahassee Democrat highlighted her remarkable life and achievements in this interview.

In addition to serving on the Board of Directors at the Alzheimer’s Project, Lashawn is also on the Board at PACE Center for Girls, sits on the Commission for the Status of Women and Girls, is a member of Leadership Tallahassee Class 34 and works full-time as the Director of Membership & Engagement for UPHS.

Lashawn is proud to be a part of the Alzheimer’s Project. “Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia impact a lot of families. They don’t know where to turn and then, they find the Alzheimer’s Project which is special,” she exclaims. “What we provide is so important — respite care, support groups, counseling and training. These services are literally a lifesaver for a many people. Most importantly, we’re helping local people right here in our very own community.”

We hope you enjoyed getting to meet Board Member Lashawn Gordon. We’re extremely thankful to have Lashawn and her extensive knowledge & experience! Her fellow Board Members at the Alzheimer’s Project salute Lashawn for all the great work she does in our community.

Gordon gives credit to the mentors and leaders that she worked with during that time. “Women like Debbie Moroney, Janet Terlouw, Marcella Torres, and Kelly Otte are all so different but I gleaned their will and desire to work with the girls of our community,” Gordon said. “They taught me that yes, this is hard work but I can do this and I need to do this.”
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