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July 21, 2020

Thank You, Debbie Moroney!

Debbie Moroney recently retired as Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s Project. Therefore, we wanted to pay tribute to Debbie and the five wonderful years she gave us! Here’s a little history, a few sentiments, and a unified message commemorating the positive impact she had on the Alzheimer’s Project and the community.

Five Years of Great Growth

Debbie joined the Alzheimer’s Project as Executive Director in August of 2015 with 30 years of experience working for nonprofits. During her tenure, the AP was able to help hundreds of families across the Big Bend through services like Respite Care, Support Groups, Caregiver Training, and Counseling.

In addition, she expanded services in Leon, Gulf, Jackson and Madison Counties, increased in-home care by adding R.E.L.I.E.F assistance, partnered with Scent Evidence K9 to bring the Lost Home in Seminole, Sumter and Bay Counties, and implemented the Dealing with Dementia training program for caregivers.

Debbie understood the need for financial stability and expanded the AP’s fundraising efforts with the Journey of Support, the Forget-Me-Not Walk and the Cliff Hinkle Round to Remember Golf Tournament. She also secured more government funding at the state and local level and increased donations from individuals and corporate sponsorships.

Thanks to Debbie’s efforts, the AP continues to serve clients despite the pandemic. She led staff through the switch to delivering services virtually: support groups, caregiver training, music therapy, and engaging activities have been provided online as well as one-on-one counseling by phone.

Lastly, the thing that really set Debbie apart was the way she fought for the dignity of people living with memory disorders. Her passion made the world a better place for families touched by dementia. We will miss her dearly—but she truly deserves a joyful retirement!

John Trombetta succeeds Debbie as Executive Director. “I am thankful to be coming in after Debbie,” John said. “She really put this organization in a great place, hired good people, and planted the seeds to create a culture of philanthropy. She has been a huge help during the transition.”

Sentiments from our Board, Staff, and Volunteers…

“Debbie, thank you for your leadership in getting our organization through some tough times. As a former caregiver, thank you for getting me through some tough times. I am forever grateful.”

~ Phil Nowicki, Board Member

“When Debbie Turner Moroney came on board with The Alzheimer’s Project in 2015, I was a volunteer with AmeriCorps. I told her when I finished my four years of AmeriCorps service, I wanted to work for her. In September of 2018, I achieved the goal of working full-time for Debbie. This is my favorite Debbie quote and I use it often. When it’s raining and all the ducks are in the road and around the office, she says, ‘It’s a great day to be a duck!’ Thank you, Debbie for taking a chance on me. I hope I am making you proud.”

~ Mindy Towler, Volunteer and Respite Coordinator

“Debbie, thank you for supporting our Wakulla Respite Program. Wishing you the best in your retirement. God bless you as you begin a new direction.”

~ Reggie and Pat Ashley, Wakulla County Respite Volunteers

“Debbie has been the perfect fit. A Chief Executive Officer need many management skills. The Alzheimer’s Project has been blessed to have a leader with those skills, and with one additional trait that separates her from the rest. Her love for those she works with and for the clients we serve is the primary reason we’ve been so successful since she arrived. We will miss her, and we wish her all the best.”

~ Gil Ziffer, Board Member

“Debbie took the Alzheimer’s Project to new heights. She strived to help our agency reach its full potential.”

~ Stephanie Pollack, Clinical Supervisor

“Debbie worked tirelessly for the past five years to shape this organization into what it is today. She has been a strong and dedicated leader in the community, and we are thankful for all she has done. It was obvious the Alzheimer’s Project was not just a job to her, but something she was passionate about.”

~ Caitlin Dilley, Americorps Manager

“Debbie has been a tremendous leader and advocate for the AP organization! She helped build a strong financial and programmatic foundation, bringing relief and comfort to many caregivers and families in the Big Bend area. Thank you, Debbie for your commitment, passion, tenacity, and big heart! Wishing you a wonderful retirement journey with your family and friends.”

~ Carol Bracy, Board Member

“Whatever skills we needed, Debbie had them. Fundraising, Management, Communication, Finance—she could do it all. Just as important, she handled the stress with a smile, and she was fun to work with too. She also deeply cared about clients and caregivers. I hope people appreciate how much she did for the Alzheimer’s Project and the Big Bend community.”

~ Rob Wicker, Board Member
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