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At Alzheimer’s Project, we recognize the emotional challenges of caregiving for someone with dementia. Whether you’re navigating difficult behaviors, making tough decisions about care, or managing family conflicts, our counselors offer tailored emotional, relationship, and grief support to preserve your well-being. We provide a safe environment for you to express your feelings openly, without fear of judgment. Additionally, our counselors prepare you with knowledge about the disease and assist you in developing stress management, problem-solving, communication, and coping skills, empowering you to provide care with confidence.

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Individuals with Dementia



Meet our Counselors

Stephanie Sattar is the Clinical Supervisor at Alzheimer’s Project, Inc. With a decade of experience at the Project, she is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker overseeing counseling services, staff and intern supervision, and the organization of our annual Education Conference. Stephanie holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Florida State University and possesses certifications as a Dementia Practitioner, Dealing with Dementia Trainer, and Powerful Tools for Caregiver Master Trainer.

Chantel Pruett is the Family Support Counselor. She started her tenure with Alzheimer’s Project as a volunteer in our AmeriCorps program, where she developed her passion for working with families affected by dementia. With a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, Chantel offers counseling services as a registered intern, in addition to facilitating support groups and case management.

Elena Santarpia is a clinical counselor at the project, where she oversees support groups, provides case management, and conducts therapy sessions. Elena’s journey with Alzheimer’s Project began during her studies at Florida State University, where she earned her Master’s in Social Work. Currently, she is pursuing her Clinical Social Work License as a registered intern under the project’s supervision.

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