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Milynda’s Story

The Alzheimer’s Project services have helped tremendously! My mother, Lynda, participates in Virtual Bingo, the Virtual Sing-a-Long, and Virtual Coffee Chat each week. Mom was always a very social person, and it has been so good for her to have people to interact with because it stimulates her mind. These activities give her something to look forward to and helps her feel important! Because of the socialization, sometimes I can see her “old spark” come back as she remembers and talks about certain things. She even looks forward to the events and remembers them!

As her daughter and caregiver, “You just don’t know how much it has helped! There have been so many changes, and it has been really good for her to have other people to interact with. People with dementia often tell the same stories and ask the same questions over and over again, which can be challenging sometimes. I am so grateful to have others who are willing to listen to her stories and talk to her. Having a helping hands helps everyone have more patience.”

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